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Health and Wellness Coach: Health Partner

Full Time Carmel, Indiana

We are seeking a driven individual to work collaboratively with our medical director, nurse practitioner, dietitian, and other wellness coaches. They will be responsible for communicating with our clients' employees and their families who may have chronic health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure, or health and wellness related questions. Our coaching is designed to address gaps in care to improve overall outcomes in health and wellbeing.

Some of the communication and coaching will be based on standardized care management protocols and the capabilities that already exist in our Green Circle Life platform, however, coaches have some freedom to exercise judgment in order to provide personalized client-centered interaction.

Candidates should have at least 2-4 years of college education with some experience working as a health and wellness coach in areas of obesity, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, and COPD. Individuals who have the initiative and drive to deliver an innovative customer focused service, and engage people in making lifestyle changes, are encouraged to apply. Applicants who are bilingual in English & Spanish would be preferred.

This position offers a unique opportunity to join our technology company during its fast paced growth stage. Be part of a team building an innovative, client-centered health and wellness experience from the ground up designed to meet people where they are, create behavior change, and improve outcomes and quality of life. All of our services are delivered via phone and internet. This is not a remote position. You will be working at our Carmel, Indiana office. For further information, please contact us via our website at

Dietitian: Health Partner

Full Time Carmel, Indiana

Sales Executive: Business Development

Full Time Anywhere, USA

Salesperson is required to sell to corporate HR administration and benefits team by identifying revenue opportunities, manage sales pipeline and generate significant new revenues from new accounts. The role requires to perform all pre- and post-sales activities. An effective candidate is required to have keen sense of HR benefits, health and wellness services and human resource management to acquire targeted business. This is a great opportunity to make significant income when you sell into large corporate accounts.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Hunt, build and maintain a successful sales pipeline of corporate HR prospects
  • Conduct immediate follow-up on inquiries from trade shows, seminars, web events, etc.
  • Participate in consultative sale with a team of experts
  • Present the Green Circle Value Proposition to HR managers and consultants, while gaining buy in from c-level.
  • Document prospect data into our sales lead management system
  • Provide daily and weekly progress reports


  • Strong communication skills (listening, verbal, written, phone and internet sales)
  • People skills and great attitude towards prospects and their organizations
  • Three years of experience required in selling software or benefits solutions to HR department
  • Proven ability to prioritize tasks and make informed decisions with emphasis on getting results
  • Self-starter, ability to learn, results-oriented, and persuasive
  • Ability to work well with others in a team environment even when working remotely
  • Please do not apply if you do not have experience selling to corporate HR departments.
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