Green Circle HR

Employee Engagement and Communication.

Access to all benefits and services


Provide a Benefits Dashboard for all employer-provided and voluntary benefits like health, dental and vision insurance, prescription plan, 401-k plan, wellness rewards, discounts, and disability income protection. Establish an HR dashboard for new employee onboarding, benefits enrollment, personal record management, payroll, charitable giving, training, and more. A company-branded app creates easy access to information and better user experience using SSO and data exchange.

Enhance communication

Multi-channel communication

Engage your multigeneration workforce, with the ability to communicate via bulletin board, broadcasting and narrowcasting, messaging, app notification, texting, and email. Share the app with family members to encourage them to take advantage of company-provided benefits and services, from social networking to emergency announcements, to specific team communication, get the message out via mobile app and desktop access.

Content Management and Distribution

Content Management and Distribution

Distribute HR policy manuals, benefit guides, training, handbooks, prevention, compliance literature and other information via the App. Target specific content to a specific audience for better user experience and extend your reach to family members as appropriate via app, text, email, and notifications.

Workflow Management

Workflow Management

Use the workflow feature to guide users towards desired actions and increase productivity with informational and transactional services. You can build organization-specific processes to ensure uniformity, compliance, and improved quality.

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