Most organizations have an HRIS or HR employee portal in place which can be difficult to navigate. Often, these portals do not update to reflect new services, such as those delivered by a third party. Employees usually have limited access, especially outside the workplace, and the company can lack the ability to unify and streamline communications or schedule proactive outreach on an individual basis. Communicating in a hybrid office/remote work environment has exposed a need for HR employees to have a platform with effective interface to engage with employees.

Access to all benefits and services


The SmartFHR™ platform provides comprehensive, centralized dashboards accessible via the SmartFHR App or web, giving employees rapid access to all HR services and benefits, including benefits enrollment and selection, total rewards and compensation, prescription and medical services, job postings, wellness programs, 401k, HSA, payroll, compliance training, rewards and recognition, and policy handbooks. Any element of the employee value proposition can be accessed, engaged, and managed in seconds within the application.

Enhance communication


Available via app or web-based service, Green Circle Life features multiple communication channels, including a visual dashboard, Bulletin Board, in-app notification, email, text message, push notification, pop-up display, or video, and supports seamless content delivery through resource libraries and engagement at the individual, cohort, or enterprise level. Features can be configured according to client preference and distributed at the client's preferred cadence; and HR personnel can swiftly review the status of all content and messaging to determine overall engagement, the frequency, and by whom.

Content Management and Distribution


With the power of app-based communications, you can engage employees in health and wellness initiatives for better outcomes. SmartFHR enables you to easily distribute HR policy manuals, benefit guides, training, handbooks, prevention, compliance literature, and other information. With the app, you can deliver emergency content related to a pandemic or disaster or offer ongoing updates from management via the appropriate channel.

While the critical decisions about which benefits to select are typically made at home, it can be difficult for families to access all the information they need, and the extensive menu of available benefits can be overly complex and time consuming. The platform supports continuous, on-demand access to benefits information and gives HR staff the ability to generate targeted, specific communications outlining the importance and value of the benefits plan beyond the parameters of the enrollment period.

Workflow Management


The workflow feature guides users to desired actions and increases productivity with informational and transactional services. You can build organization-specific processes to ensure uniformity, compliance, and improved quality. Because the design is so intuitive, the offerings are consolidated, and the family has direct access to the SmartFHR menu. It is easier for employees to understand their benefits options, appreciate the investment in their wellbeing, engage with coaching, and make truly informed choices.

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