Are you Lonely Working Remotely?

June 24, 2022 

The question we often hear today from HR departments is, “How do we engage a socially oriented workforce in the new remote, Zoom-based world?”

The Great American philosopher Yogi Berra said, “The future ain’t what it used to be.” As a result of the Coronavirus, Yogi’s statement rings true today. There is a ‘new normal’ and one of the greatest challenges facing HR professionals is maximizing engagement with their employees when so many of their employees are now working remotely. This is especially difficult when the employee is a person who thrives on social interaction with fellow employees, their supervisor and the leadership team of the organization.

The ability of employees to exchange ideas at lunch, on breaks or just walking from one office or desk to another has been lost. In addition to exchanging ideas about their work, many employees create a bond between each other by talking about their hobbies, their families and even their favorite sports team. This feeling of camaraderie creates a more productive workforce. People who enjoy being at work, value their time there and will invest more of themselves into the organization.

A challenge for the leadership of most organizations is how to communicate more effectively with their employees and thereby develop a more engaged, socially bonded and productive workforce.

Most people who have socially forward, extroverted personalities are lacking the constant contact they have with others in the workplace. However, with the right tools, your organization can use technology as part of the solution to combat these feelings of disconnectedness.

Clients of Green Circle Life have discovered that they can better engage their employees by using the Green Circle Life app, which provides a two-way, multi-channel communication gateway for the employer to communicate with their employees and their family members. Mediums include email, text, two-way messaging, content pop-ups, in-app notifications and push notifications.