February 2023 Newsletter: Healthy Strong Relationships

Healthy Strong Relationships
The number and strength of your relationships affects both your physical and mental wellbeing. Strong social connections have been proven to lower rates of anxiety and depression, as well as lead to higher self-esteem, empathy, and can even strengthen your immune system.

There are three types of communication that you can have with others:

  • Intimate. This includes loved ones such as family and friends
  • Relational. People you see regularly, such as coworkers
  • Collective. People who share a group membership such as co-workers, those of similar faith groups, support groups, etc.

It is important to think about each area and whether or not you have meaningful relationships in each. You can focus on building stronger relationships by reaching out to people you already know, starting a conversation with someone you see on a regular basis, or joining a local team or hobby group.

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