Gamification in Employee Wellbeing

June 24, 2022 

Health and wellness top the list of resolutions for most people. And it is only normal if we are not always enthusiastic about running the extra mile or hitting the extra hour at the gym. Many factors affect our motivation towards a wellness regimen, it could be health conditions, peer outlook, work commitments, family priorities, the culture of health etc.

To be motivated with a wellness regimen, it is important that any program is driven by the following aspects: a constant push to get on with it more often, visual engagement whether real or simulated, rewards and level progression to keep the motivation going.

Intuitive mobile apps, gamification, virtual reality are top-notch interesting ways to bring about lifestyle changes, behavior modifications and daily wellness. While these new technologies have shifted gear rapidly to gain interest among the younger generation, the better half of the population is yet to adopt these advances to their advantage due to lack of meaningful interventions by these technologies.

Gamification of healthy pursuits increases individual engagement by making daily tasks and activities more interesting, competitive and doable. Organizations see the opportunity of gamification not just in getting employees healthy, but in employee training, policy execution, retention, culture change, and employee engagement as well. Rising healthcare costs for employers makes the investment in employee health and HR initiatives more important than ever. Gamifying employee health and HR initiatives like employee onboarding, incentive rollout, communication, training, etc is the new powerhouse that employers are looking at deploying in organizations to realize better ROI on employee benefits.

With gamification, a high level of personalization can be achieved to get employees and the organization together on the same platform. For example, an organization in the aeronautical industry can simulate an air flight design for an immersive experience to achieve the organization’s objectives. An immersive experience gives the employee a feeling of being personally part of a fast-paced aero adventure, that gets him points or rewards for progressing levels in completing an HR training.

With mobile apps, such intuitive games are easily available to participate in, and well, who wouldn’t want to game while earning brownie incentives from employer initiatives. Employees may be stationed across locations and yet can participate in team competitions and compete together to gain reward points.

By using analytics, healthcare providers can further analyze behaviors and suggest changes to the daily regimen, to keep chronic diseases such as heart failure, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity etc under control. Rather than resorting to care and medications, which are costly and limiting, gamifying activities like walking, exercise, healthy eating, are an easier route towards better health. Guidance based on family history and notifications for events like immunization, screenings, physician visits completes an employee’s or family’s need for holistic wellness. Gamifying elements like participation leader board, rewards badges, progress bars, smart notifications, sharing progress on bulletin boards, simulation of adventure activities etc keep the motivation going for individuals to be engaged longer.

At Green Circle Life, holistic wellness means physical, emotional and financial wellbeing. We combine a series of gamified health and wellbeing tasks, into specific wellbeing programs that employees can participate in. A participant is rewarded points and reward dollars for progressing in healthy or wellbeing challenges. Participation insights are further utilized to incentivize behaviors to drive better results. Gamification of employee platform – for health, wellness, benefits, communication, can be customized to the organization’s objectives, culture, and challenges. Reach out to us to know more about how your organization can benefit from proven health, benefits and wellbeing platform – all on a single app.