Green Circle Health Awarded Patent For Innovative Platform That Helps Employers Strengthen Employee Engagement and Benefits Utilization

March 18, 2019 

PENSACOLA BEACH, Fla., March 18, 2019 – Green Circle Health (GCH) announced it has been granted U.S. Patent No. 10169607 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its award-winning GCH Platform. The GCH Platform is a web- and mobile-based service for employers to maximize benefits utilization, reduce healthcare costs and better engage and communicate with employees and their families.

GCH’s patent reinforces the company’s position as a leading provider of HR technology that combines employee and family member health data with employer-provided benefits and services to improve health and wellness and corporate engagement. The patent protects GCH’s proprietary method of exchanging critical data between users of the GCH Platform and other third-party services. GCH’s patented method helps employees and their family members better collect and manage personal health data from any source, as well as share such results with GCH’s live health coaches who provide in-depth guidance on how users can manage chronic diseases.

“In order to mitigate rising healthcare costs, it’s important for employers to invest in services and technology that empower high-cost, high-need employees and family members to manage their healthcare,” said Sanjay Parikh, M.D., co-founder and chief medical officer of Green Circle Health “The GCH Platform not only helps employers support employee wellness efforts, but centralizes an entire family’s medical history to drive engagement and create a personalized patient experience.”

“Employers are increasingly focused on ensuring their employees have easy access to their benefits and services designed to help them get the most from their compensation. They also want to foster a productive, engaging work environment as they help employees lead happier and healthier lives,” said Dinesh Sheth, founder and CEO of Green Circle Health. “This new patent demonstrates Green Circle Health’s world-class technology which utilizes employee health data to create a personalized experience and help them make meaningful behavioral changes to manage chronic conditions and reduce healthcare costs.”

About Green Circle Health
Green Circle Health (GCH) is the provider of the GCH Platform, a patented web- and mobile-based service for employers to maximize benefits utilization, reduce healthcare costs and better engage and communicate with employees and their families. With simple and easy access to HR benefits and services, such as payroll, job posting, hiring, training, and internal communications, all within a secure environment, employees engage in productive and healthy behaviors while performing daily activities.

The GCH Platform functions as a cross-generational communications gateway that allows employers to engage with employees and their families across all channels. In addition, GCH centralizes all HR benefits and services within its easy-to-use web-based dashboard and mobile app to maximize utilization and employer return-on-investment. Employees and their family members can also use the app to conduct wellness assessments, screenings, wellness programs, rewards, chronic condition management programs and more. GCH helps companies improve productivity, decrease absenteeism and presenteeism and reduce overall expenditures.

GCH is a minority owned company whose GCH Platform has been recognized by the Department of Health & Human Services Office of the National Coordinator, Intelligent Health Association, Mayo Clinic, Global Healthcare Resources and National Association of Business Resources. For more information, visit and follow them on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.


Jacob Hamilton
For Green Circle Health