Green Circle Life Celebrates Growth With Six New Partnerships, Platform Enhancements

September 23, 2019 

Green Circle Life grows its reach by partnering with six organizations and expands its platform to include multi-channel communication services and other added features.


Green Circle Life, provider of the patented web- and app-based service for employers to maximize benefits and human resources (HR) services utilization, announced significant company milestones today. This includes six new partnerships and a new release of its SmartFHR™ app and web-based platform to engage employees and their families.

Green Circle Life recently partnered with HRO Partners, The Barnett Group, Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance, InVite Fitness, i2eHCM and iRedeemHealth to bring its services to their clients and into new markets. Each partnership amplifies Green Circle Life’s reputation as one of the most advanced engagement platforms for employers. These alliances give these consultants an advantage over their competition because they can now offer a differentiated solution that defines and offers benefits, making it easy to enroll and engage at any time.

“We’re thrilled to offer organizations a platform to create personalized experiences as they engage employees and their families in their company culture,” said Dinesh Sheth, CEO of Green Circle Life. “Additionally, teaming up with such trusted partners and advisors enables more employers to maximize their brand value and get the best return on their investments in benefits and services. With services to integrate holistic wellbeing including condition management and our live coaching service, clients can achieve better results than traditional solutions.”

Green Circle Life also released a new version of its platform and SmartFHR™ app, which expanded multi-channel communication services for a multi-generational workforce and added features such as live, confidential coaching with nurse practitioners and dieticians, integration of personal health data in a health profile, wellness stores and more. Additionally, with the new update, organizations have the flexibility to segment their population and offer personalized services and benefits with proprietary workflows to build multi-generational employee experiences.

These ongoing enhancements are designed to make the user experience seamless and create efficient HR interactions through intuitive communication platforms such as dashboards, newsletters, push notifications and more.

“As a company we focus on providing purposeful solutions to employees and their families,” Sheth added. “We want to assist with their goals of holistic wellbeing and work to engage them to achieve the balance in life that makes them happy, healthy and productive. As employers continue to encourage and support their employees, we listen to their feedback and implement solutions that build a workplace that delivers better wellbeing results. We are delighted to be part of their journey and help them succeed.”

About Green Circle Life
Green Circle Life offers the patented web and SmartFHR™ app-based platform for employers to engage employees and their families using multi-channel communications to live happier, healthier and more productive lives. This helps employers attract and retain talent as they offer a branded personalized app for employees to access all their benefits and services, condition management programs, wellness programs and live coaching, which leads to more workforce creativity, better healthcare outcomes, lower healthcare costs and improved profitability through a culture of holistic wellbeing.

The Green Circle Life suite of services are designed for a multi-generational workforce and segmented as HR, Health and Wellness, which are HIPAA and EEOC compliant. These services are fully integrated with each other and can be deployed individually or expanded as company needs evolve over time. For more information, visit


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