Green Circle Life Releases HR Insights for 2020 Trends, Issues

February 25, 2020 

The SmartFHR™ provider’s trends survey found 62% of HR professionals turn to technology for solution.


Green Circle Life, provider of SmartFHR, an all-in-one communication and engagement web and app-based service that aggregates employee-facing human resources (HR), wellness, and healthcare services, released a data report that highlights trends and issues facing the HR industry in 2020. The survey was conducted by industry professionals, and more than 70 percent of respondents reported they were directly involved in HR initiatives at their company.

Highlights from the survey findings include:

  • 62 percent of respondents rank technology as the most important solution for their organization as they enhance HR services;
  • More than 48 percent report driving cultural change and engaging employees in company culture as an important goal to reach in 2020;
  • 30 percent report the primary hurdle getting their employees to engage with benefits is a lack of interest and understanding;
  • When asked about a strategy for engaging a multi-generational workforce with benefits, 64 percent report they need to improve and develop their strategy further; and
  • 44 percent report the benefits challenges employers face when having a multi-generational workforce is with lifestyle and priority conflicts.

Dinesh Sheth, CEO and founder of Green Circle Life, said, “The findings from the survey confirm what we thought were challenges in the industry. Corporations are facing increased costs for benefits packages, so it’s important for them to have a proper return on investment for the resources offered. Many companies are focusing on their overall culture as a way to engage, attract and retain employees. Additionally, as the workforce is becoming more age-diverse, employers must provide solutions and competitive offerings to best reach everyone. In 2020, the HR community will strive to get the most value out of their resources and use technology as an accelerator to achieve their goals.”

The full report can be found here.