How to Manage a Remote Workforce

November 27, 2020 

TecHR Series, November 27, 2020, By Dinesh Sheth

During this unprecedented year, many employees have seen significant changes in their day-to-day work schedule. Employees that have never worked remotely prior to 2020 have now spent months working from home and experienced firsthand the dynamics of a remote workforce. As the concept of a workplace has changed, the internal processes and employee expectations have as well.

With the onset of remote work, company culture, creativity and productivity have transformed as well. The real and perceived lack of communication and engagement among employees is a byproduct of remote and socially distanced work, and employers must adjust their current operations to better prepare for the long-term effects of working without a traditional office setting. At a time where social collaboration and creativity can be impacted, employers must work harder to prepare their remote and office personnel for success.

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