HR Leaders Must Be Adaptable To Meet Changing Employee Needs

Forbes, December 05, 2023, By Dinesh Sheth

Novo Nordisk's semaglutide-based medications, Ozempic and Wegovy, have become household names for their diabetes management applications and rapid weight-loss results, as well as public speculations about their long-term health impacts. The use of these pricey drugs spiked so significantly that there are shortages, and it has sparked continued conversation about who should cover the costs for patients who need them and the long-term ROI for those who pay for these and other such drugs in the pipeline.

What do Ozempic and Wegovy have to do with HR? Well, the conversations around these medications actually demonstrate why HR leaders must constantly evaluate their strategies to ensure they best suit organizational needs. This market shakeup is a valuable example of the importance of being mindful of the costs, benefits and long-run impacts of offering them to employees.

As an HR leader, consider these tips that can help you prioritize employee satisfaction while maintaining an efficient, cost-effective HR strategy.