The Key to Healthy Weight For Life? Coaching.

By Anne Lutostanski, FNP-C

Weight holds immense importance due to its significant impact on both individual health and national healthcare costs. Obesity, affecting 41% of U.S. adults according to the CDC, stands as a pervasive national epidemic, directly contributing to leading causes of mortality like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and certain cancers. The financial burden of obesity is staggering, with the CDC estimating its annual medical cost in the U.S. at $174 billion. Individuals with obesity incur approximately $1,861 more in medical expenses annually compared to those with a healthy weight.

Though extremely important, weight loss involves more than eating well and exercising regularly. Understanding the complexities of weight loss and that it requires a personalized approach is the key to making a real impact. This is where Green Circle Life's health coaches shine.

Health Coaching

Tracking data like nutrition and exercise is a great first step, but the addition of an accountability cheerleader takes success to a new level. Our SmartFHR™ platform offers a holistic approach to wellness, combining personalized coaching with powerful self-management tools. Leveraging the platform, health coaches use motivational interviewing and leverage wellness assessments to pinpoint areas for improvement, including sleep, stress, self-care, and home meal preparation. What's more, clients engage with the same coach consistently, fostering a deep and trusting rapport over time.

Serving as dedicated accountability partners, these coaches assist clients in setting small, personalized goals to stay motivated and improve overall wellbeing. For instance, clients have achieved and sustained weight loss success by using health coaching to manage stress, prepare food at home, and choose healthier snack options. Through the combination of health coaching and the SmartFHR™ self-management tools, clients have not only achieved but also sustained weight loss success.

Anti-obesity Medication

Our health coaches play a key role in our Healthy Weight for Life program, which can be used with or without anti-obesity medication. Pairing this program with your prescription benefit provider ensures employees have a comprehensive lifestyle management plan to follow, fostering successful, long-term weight management. Additionally, consider incentivizing employees with reduced copays for active participation in the program, further motivating them to engage in healthier habits.

We support clients in achieving health goals, even when faced with anti-obesity medication shortages. Using SmartFHR™ self-management tools and personalized coaching, many clients have successfully made lifestyle changes and developed healthy habits. Despite medication challenges, they find support in our program, often involving family members in their healthy routines which enhance self-efficacy and emotional wellbeing.

Learn positive, sustainable habits.

Many people struggle with an "all or nothing" mindset regarding healthy eating and exercise, frequently attempting new fad diets or workout routines that are challenging to maintain over time. Health coaching helps to discover an approach that aligns with a client's lifestyle, helping clients learn to adopt healthy eating habits and incorporate physical activity to enhance their wellbeing, all while enjoying social outings with friends or indulging in occasional treats like birthday cake without unnecessary stress. Cultivating a positive mindset and practicing self-love are essential for fostering sustainable healthy habits.

Include the family!

SmartFHR isn't just for employees, it is for all family members. When families prioritize health together, they not only strengthen their bonds but also set positive examples for each other. Engaging in physical activities, preparing nutritious meals and supporting each other's wellness goals create a supportive environment where everyone can thrive.

Additionally, promoting healthy habits from a young age instills lifelong behaviors that can prevent chronic illnesses and promote longevity. Ultimately, when families prioritize health collectively, they cultivate happier, more resilient households.

Client testimonials

SmartFHR™ has made a difference in many lives. Below are real client testimonials:

  • One SmartFHR™ user reports she enjoys the accountability and personal guidance she gets from lifestyle coaching, and the app helps her stay motivated by using features like Digital Coaching and Wellness Challenges.
  • One user has lost over 15 pounds, takes weight loss medication as directed, tracks health data like weight and activity, has started talking walks outside on her lunch break and chooses healthier options at mealtimes. She reports her mental health has improved drastically, and she has new energy and desire to spend time with family and friends after work.
  • One individual uses the SmartFHR™ digital emotional wellbeing program and digital coaching along with learning tips and tools from his health coach that have helped him improve his overall health and mood. He found a place to volunteer regularly which he says helps him put his struggles in perspective and feel good about being part of something bigger.

Interested in learning more? Contact a member of our team to learn how SmartFHR™ and Healthy Weight for Life can make a difference at your company.

The Key to Healthy Weight For Life? Coaching.
Sandra a family member from Georgia, lost weight using the Health Weight for Life program. She achieved these amazing results by using the SmartFHR™ app and meeting regularly with her health coach to manage her stress, restart her exercise program, take her medication as prescribed, and make small changes to her eating habits.