May 2023 Newsletter Health and Fitness: Proper Body Mechanics

Health and Fitness: Proper Body Mechanics
Body mechanics is the way you move and go about your daily activities. Learning proper body mechanics can help reduce injury, muscle fatigue, and limit wear and tear on your body. Good body mechanics often involves proper posture and technique; so implement the following maneuvers:

Standing or Walking: Keep your ear, shoulder, hip, and ankle in a line. Avoid locking your knees when standing.

Lifting Objects: Stand with one foot slightly in front of the other, keep your back straight, and bend from your hips and knees, not your waist. Lift objects using your arm and leg muscles and hold the object close to your body at waist level.

Sitting: Avoid sitting in one position for more than an hour at a time; get up or change positions often. Adjust your computer monitor to be at eye level and consider using a headset if you are on the phone often. Keep work materials within arm's reach if possible and make stretching a priority.

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