Navigating Change, The Only True Constant To Anticipate In 2023

Forbes, March 03, 2023, By Dinesh Sheth

To say the nature of work has changed since 2020 is both a well-known understatement and a fact that continues to challenge human resource (HR) leaders as they work to develop solutions in a dynamic and ever-changing environment. According to a recent article by MIT Sloan Management Review, "nearly 81% of workers face some form of burnout or mental health issue, and 68% of employees say their daily work has been interrupted by these challenges." Additionally, a survey conducted by McKinsey & Company and cited in an article by the World Economic Forum found that "52% of respondents would prefer a hybrid working model post-Covid-19."

Workplace traditionalists are quick to point out that given the current market, these new work preferences could change should the country find itself in a recession-which could be true. However, it is important not to underestimate the seeds of change that have been sown over the past three years. HR leaders and senior executives do themselves a disservice if they fail to recognize the changing work trends and to strategically leverage technology to save time and cost as we move into the new year.