The Top Trends Shaping HR in 2024

Explore how workplaces can support employees amidst global conflicts and political division, fostering healthier habits and overall wellbeing.

HRTechCube, April 17, 2024, By Dinesh Sheth

2024 is set to be a pivotal year for Human Resources (HR) leaders. With world conflicts, intense political division, and the upcoming elections, employers should be reminded of the importance of supporting their employees, empowering them to effectively address these stressful changes and becoming the best version of themselves. For employees, there is an opportunity (and appetite) to improve their lifestyle and change their habits for better health and wellbeing, whether it be mentally, physically or spiritually.

Being in a workplace environment that encourages healthy habits, whether professional or personal, is critical to overall welfare. Below is some guidance on the top issues that HR leaders should prioritize in the coming year.

Productivity Starts with Holistic Health

Becoming more efficient and productive with existing resources will be a key goal for HR leaders this year, but employees can only be as productive as their health allows them. According to the CDC, healthy employees are more productive as they are less likely to call in sick or suffer from health conditions or illnesses. However, health isn't just limited to physical; Holistic health is an important approach for HR leaders to prioritize because it includes factors, including mental, emotional, and financial wellbeing, that are just as important as physical health. For one example, mental health can impact the ability to work; a recent article by MIT Sloan Management Review found that nearly 81% of workers face some form of mental health issue and over two-thirds of employees' daily work has been interrupted by their mental health.

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