Green Circle Life Continues to Grow During Q1 – Q2, 2020

July 28, 2020 

SmartFHR™ experiences increased employee utilization through distribution of Covid communications

PENSACOLA BEACH, FLA., July 28, 2020

Green Circle Life, provider of SmartFHR, an innovative, all-in-one communication and engagement web and app-based service that aggregates employee-facing human resources (HR), wellness, and healthcare services, reported continued growth in the first half of 2020. In face of the challenges due to Covid-19, Green Circle Life added 75,000 new users to its platform. Existing clients also increasingly turned to SmartFHR’s communications capabilities to engage and inform their employees regarding essential services and work from home updates.

As the pandemic affected many organizations, Green Circle Life offered the communications feature in its platform free to companies through year’s end. When many employees started working remotely, organizations struggled to quickly and effectively communicate with them. The multi-channel two-way communication features in SmartFHR™ is used to distribute important information such as the company’s Covid-19 response, changes in benefits and additional resources that can help employees adjust to working from home and prepare them for when they need to report back in-person.

Data from the SmartFHR™ platform showed an increase in the number of employees accessing company communications and resources related to employment, healthcare and wellbeing. The demand for telehealth services and online prescription services also increased substantially. These trends triggered a growth in the employee usage of SmartFHR™ across many organizations.

Additionally, Green Circle Life welcomed new clients from the banking and manufacturing sectors and expanded its facility to support more one-on-one coaching services. The company also hired additional staff for its sales, operations and development departments.

“It has been a challenging first half of the year for many organizations, but this has demonstrated the power of modern technologies that can transform the workplace overnight,” said Dinesh Sheth, CEO and founder of Green Circle Life. “With our SmartFHR™ platform for employees and their families, companies are able to engage and build a connected and informed workplace, independent of physical locations. SmartFHR™ users can work in any environment and still easily access all work-related resources and communications updates. We look forward to helping more employers adjust to the new changes in the workforce while building a culture of health and wellbeing in these uncertain times.”

About Green Circle Life
Green Circle Life offers the patented web and app SmartFHR™ platform for employers to engage employees and their families to live happier, healthier, and more productive lives. This company-branded engagement and communication platform helps attract and retain talent by providing employees access to company announcements, benefits and services, condition management programs, wellness programs and more. This translates into a more engaged workforce, better healthcare outcomes and improved profitability through improved productivity and a culture of holistic wellbeing.

The Green Circle Life service is designed for a multi-generational workforce and is HIPAA and EEOC compliant. The platform is private labeled and fully integrated with internal and external systems. It is configurable and can expand as company needs evolve over time. For more information, visit and follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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