Holistic Wellbeing

Holistic Wellbeing

Organizations may lack wellness programs that engage employees on a continual basis. SmartFHR™ can be rolled out quickly and connected with the company's internal HRIS and systems infrastructure to encourage meaningful participation. With greater emphasis on overall health and wellbeing, companies are able to incorporate a holistic approach for their multigenerational workforce.

Wellness Checklist

Green Circle Life offers a simple easy-to-follow personalized checklist for year-round wellness. Assessments, health screening, immunizations, preventive care, and chronic condition management all in one spot.

Wellness Assesments

We offer a fully configurable wellness assessment within your SmartFHR™ App to guide employees and their family members with personalized recommendations and wellness programs for better outcomes.

Wellness Challenges

Green Circle Life offers flexible individual or team wellness challenges to drive behavioral modification through specific measurable goals.

Wellness Programs

Green Circle Life features a complete wellness toolset, including weight management, nutrition plans, stress management, smoking cessation, spiritual and mental health, and financial planning. Ongoing engagement with health coaches, physicians, registered nurses, and dietitians helps employees target their unique lifestyle improvement goals, define their success, and sustain their progress.

Wellness Coaching

We offer employees and their families comprehensive wellness coaching through an extensive library of digital coaching as well as one-on-one live coaching with Green Circle Life's team of Health Partners including nurse practitioners, registered dietitians, and health coaches.

Wellness Rewards

You can manage flexible incentives and rewards and utilize incentive strategies within the SmartFHR™ app or communicate this information to a third party to process.

Wellness Communication

Use the SmartFHR™ app, multichannel communication capabilities to engage employees and their family members. You can distribute a health and wellness newsletter, offer preventive care literature through a resource library, and provide a yearly wellness communication calendar.